Here is a list of very good reasons for choosing a dog of this breed:

*The Wolfspitz is not a dog in fashion.  The breeders do a serious job; they are not “producers”.

*He is extremely adaptable.  He can accompany us to the office.  It isn’t a problem for him to move from a house with a garden to an apartment.

*Many people admire this dog for its charming appearance.  Its coat is unusual but harmonious.  Its shades of grey are like shot-silk.

*He is devoted and faithful and constantly stays near us.

*His size is ideal.  He can be taken anywhere: journeys by car or by train, going to the restaurant or using public transport create no problems.  He is considered a medium-sized dog in hotels.  If he has to be lifted, it can be done without having a slipped-disc.

*He doesn’t need to be taken out for a run every day; however, he is very happy to accompany us when we do go out.  He has no hunting instincts nor does he run away, so walks in the open air are a pleasure and the garden doesn’t necessarily need to be fenced.

*He is not always seeking attention. He is quite happy to curl up in a corner and watch what is going on.

*He adapts to our moods.  If I want to spend a quiet few hours, he is happy to oblige.  If necessary he cheers me up being the entertainer or a clown.

*He is always happy to learn something new and adapts easily to family life. He is also good at sporting activities and it is a pleasure to hear the fans of German Shepherds praising him.

*His appearance is clean and tidy.  He doesn’t drool,  his mouth closes neatly, his eyes are not rheumy and he doesn’t have drooping ears.

*His curly tail is always happy.  He doesn’t sweep vases of flowers off the coffee table or whip our legs

*He can be taken out in all weathers.  His fur coat always protects him from the rain and snow.

*He has small paws that are not hairy so he doesn’t bring dirt into the house.  He is a clean animal and takes care not to get dirty.

*He doesn’t have any particular health problems and his life span is long.

*He is very alert.  We can be certain that no-one can pass the house without him noticing.

*He is sociable with others dogs and animals.  He has no instinct to kill others.

WHY NOT (yes...why not?)

It is not easy to find anything negative against the Wolfspitz.
For some he could be too big: for others too small.  But there are many other breeds to choose from.

Here are a few points that COULD be negative:

* His coat needs constant attention.  If it is not brushed regularly  it gets tangled and it is difficult to get it back into condition.  When he changes his coat there is hair everywhere - in the house, in the car, but you only need to invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner..

*In Autumn the dead leaves and seeds attach themselves to his coat.

*His bark is powerful and he is vivacious.  Visitors could be afraid of his pointed jaws.

* He is cautious of strangers and doesn’t care to be stroked by those he doesn’t know.  But he is never aggressive..

*He is very stubborn.