We are a group of Wolfspitz(the most beautiful and friendly dogs in the world..........well, no............maybe not the most modest.  Is that necessary?) that come from places far apart in the world but we think in the same way.  Or rather, think that life should be spent with humans who love us, are capable of feeding us and looking after us in the best way possible, and who caress us from the first to the last second of our lives.



We think it is enjoyable to live in contact with nature, with lots of space for our use, a beautiful garden and ..........why not?.........other animals to play with.
And we think,, no, we are convinced, that having puppies is a marvellous thing...........but only when the fathers and mothers have been checked for hereditary diseases, when their pedigrees and the matings have been carefully studied in the light of experience.
No, it is not at all true that it's enough for us dogs to mate with just anyone: it can seem like that only because sometimes we have no choice.  Nature forces us to continue the species and so when it's the right moment we try to find a partner but if we could  speak we'd say that  we're proud and much happier when we find beautiful partners who are healthy, and when we know that our puppies have found loving families and are not sold to the first person who comes along.
No dog in the world would ever want one of his puppies to finish up in a dogs' home.  Neither would we want him to suffer because he was born with some problem we knew nothing about.
If humans could bark and tell us how many of our matings are at risk of transmitting a genetic disease, we would surely avoid it. Unfortunately they hardly ever say it..............but it's not our fault!
This is why we...........Wolfspitz .............have searched for a long time but in the end we've arrived here in Arconate because we believe here are the right humans for us.

They haven't learnt to bark......pity........but to breed dogs seriously, yes.

And then, they are great experts in caresses!